• qBittorrent – FOSS client, most widely used and has a similar UI to uTorrent
  • Deluge – Alternative FOSS client
  • Tixati – Alternative client
  • Transmission – Mac and Linux client




GAME PIRACY SITES :All-in-one sites (Games and ROMS):

  • Steam Underground** – The largest game piracy forum on the net that houses many games, ROMs and utilities
  • NicoBlog – Contains ROMs and games
  • The Eye – Archive site, contains ROMs and DOS games
  • GamesTorrents – Contains many older releases of ROMs and games
  • Multi-option download (torrent and DDL) sites:
  • FitGirl Repacks – Repack site, contains extremely compressed games useful for data-capped internet or limited download speeds


  • RARBG – Scene release site
  • Rutor – Russian repack site, most games are in English. Use Google Translate to browse the site
  • 3DM – Torrent tracker of the biggest P2P release group
  • RuTracker – Russian piracy forum, houses a lot of games that are difficult to find. Use Google Translate to browse the site


ROM Sites:

A good resource if you can’t find what you’re looking for. reddit A script for easy downloading of emuparadise roms! • r/Piracy Yes, as the title says, all you have to do is install a userscript which adds adds a workaround link right above the original download link. The…

reddit r/Roms – Almost Complete Nintendo Rom and ISO Collection 917 votes and 358 comments so far on RedditPROGRAMS NEVER TO USE:

  • uTorrent – Very malicious and very dodgy, not only has it included multiple forms of malware in the past (and possibly present) but it’s also associated with the world’s biggest copyright troll; the MPAA.
  • Bittorrent – Is the exact same program as above


  • IGG-Games – Their site has malware, they inject ads into their games, they steal releases and add their own links into them, they constantly lie to their users and they try to profit off stolen releases.
  • Corepack – They upload malware, they lie about their releases and they steal from trusted repackers
  • nosTEAM – Basically the same as above, it’s a bit sad we have multiple groups doing the same crappy things that only hurt themselves and everyone else
  • OceanOfGames – They upload malware, nuff’ said
  • Any sites claiming to be a scene group, such as: SkidrowReloaded, SkidrowGames, SkidrowCrack, CPY-Games, etc.

SCENE GROUPS DON’T HAVE SITES – If you’re on a site claiming to be a scene group, know a scene group, have access to a scene group, etc. Close it immediately, they’re all fake.

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