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Notes on software and sites to avoid:

  • Avoid the pirate bay, it is filled to the brim with malware torrents. Skulled users are not trustworthy either.
  • uTorrent has bundled malware (a bitcoin miner) into the software in the past. The company developing this software is not trustworthy. Bittorrent (the torrent client) is owned by the same company.
  • Bitlord (torrent client) is malware.
  • Soda Stream is malware.
  • Sidify/Allavsoft are scams.
  • Peerblock is garbage and placebo software. If you were to assume that their IP blocklists are accurate, it still would not help to curb copyright complaints against you. Other peers in the swarm do not need to be connected to you in order to see your IP. Your IP will be visible regardless and if found in a torrent swarm, it’s liable to be logged and reported.


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As a precursor, read our entry regarding copyright infringement complaints: “Will I get in trouble for downloading this? How does my ISP know what I download? — All about copyright infringement complaints and what to do if you’ve received one and preventing further notices.”

► VPNs

► Adblockers & useful extensions

► Useful userscripts

  • AdsBypasser to skip countdown ads or continue pages and prevent ad pop-up windows.
  • AntiAdware to avoid installing unwanted applications downloading with legitimate software (e.g. McAfee with Adobe Flash)
  • Get DLC Info From SteamDB automatically creates a DLC list for tools such as CreamAPI, GreenLuma and SmartSteamEmu.


  • Tixati – extremely customizable. All menus can be rearranged and color scheme can be changed completely. Many private trackers however may not permit this client to be used.
  • Qbittorrent – free open-sourced client. No ads and has a built-in search feature that searches popular public trackers. Consistently updated.
  • Transmission – popular macOS and unix torrent client. Has windows builds as well. Extremely lightweight client.
  • Deluge – similar to qbittorrent with a different UI some may find clunky.
  • BiglyBT – open source, ad-free, bittorrent client.
  • uTorrent 2.2.1 Build 25302 – If you’re still set on using uTorrent, this is a stable old build of uTorrent, before it turned to crap and had malware added. It was released on May 18, 2011. Set net.discoverable to False in settings and disable the Web GUI to mitigate security vulnerabilities that were later discovered. You can grab the installer from the wayback machine, as it has it cached. Just navigate to a close date past the release date noted earlier. You can check which version you have downloaded by checking the file’s properties, in the details tab.


   Make sure your adblocker is on. uBlock Origin is recommended – Firefox – Chrome

► Torrents

► Streaming

► DDLs:

► Anime (Streaming)

For streaming with Kodi, visit r/Addons4Kodi.

► Anime (Torrent)

► Private torrent trackers

Intro to private trackers

  • PassThePopcorn (PTP) – A private tracker; best source for movies, period. Can be joined by becoming Elite on RED. Though this requires a fair amount of patience as the age of account on RED needs to be at least 1 year. Refer to the FAQ for more info.
  • HD-Torrents (HDT) – This private tracker is great for HD movies though not as good as PTP. Specialty lies in allowing of multiple untouched material of the same movie, which helps in getting those foreign languages, different audio/video quality, or even different content in audio/videos. Slightly superior to PTP in this regard. Can be joined through RED or you can just pay for an account through their website. (Note – Only buy the account from their own website, not a 3rd party)
  • TV Chaos UK – Great site for UK TV content. Best joined through requesting on /r/invites (proof of ratio from other sites required). Quality lacks a bit so use it with a TV tracker like BTN to get the most of UK content
  • Broadcast the Net (BTN) – A private tracker; best source for TV related content, period. Currently this tracker is not recruiting anywhere but it is recommended to join PTP where BTN will recruit again in the future
  • TV Vault (TVV) – Best private tracker for old TV shows. Best way to join it is through MAM.
  • More Than TV (MTV) – 2nd best private tracker for TV after BTN. Retention is not good but with a strong request section, this is not an issue. Can be joined through RED
  • AvistaZ – One of the best places for Asian (mainly Japan, South Korea, China etc) movies and TV shows. Best place for Korean dramas. Easiest way to join is through application on their site. Also one of the few top trackers that have open signups from time to time.



  • Avoid the pirate bay, it is filled to the brim with malware torrents. Skulled users are not trustworthy either.
    • (torrents) – Amazing tracker for software (ie. your most desired graphics/music/video software, including plugins for them, etc.). Torrents will be checked by staff for validity.
    • (DDL) – This one is especially good for PC software. The site is down most of the time though, sadly. Has the highest number of cracked software than any other resource. For larger torrents though, it is recommended to use MOCH (multi one-click hosters) like real-debrid, or you can try the torrents first while keeping the DDL alternatives as a last resort.
    • (torrents, semi-private) – Graphics-related downloads and discussion – 3D/Visual Effects/Computer Graphics/Design/Computer Assisted Art. Registration opens on the 1st and 15th of every month.. User cap reached, now invite-only.
    • (DDL, semi-private) – Semi-private DDL site. Source for video-software plugins.
    • (DDL) – Source for audio software and plugins.
    • (DDL) – Source for graphics software and plugins.
    • (torrents, semi-private) – Source for audio software and plugins. Open registration every 2nd of the month.


If you have purchased the kindle edition of your book and wish to strip its DRM and export it to .pdf, view this guide on how to deDRM your book.

If the ebook you are searching is available for kindle, you may also borrow the ebook, use the guide, and then return it back.

  • – most popular ebook site and provides several mirrors to ebooks including torrents. Textbook focused. If you have any textbook or any other educational book to share, this is the place. For any book not available, make a request in the respective thread in the forums.
  • – formerly known as Bookzz.
  • – large ebook forum that contains a request subforum
  • – largest collection of research papers.
  • – contains scientific articles.
  • – #1 public tracker for audiobooks. Shares a lot of content with MAM.
  • Hampshire College – several links to free eBook resources.
  • Avaxhome – E-learning material. Pair together with this to download.

► Custom Search Engines

► Courses/Tutorials

  • See Section TORRENT SEARCH ENGINES/INDEXERS below. Many popular torrent indexers have courses, such as Rutracker and
  • – Udemy, Lynda, Pluralsight courses available via torrents.
  • – computer graphics design tutorials/courses via fileshosters (some through torrents).
  • – hosts many courses/tutorials from udemy, tutsplus, lynda, etc… Available through direct download links.
  • Skillshare-dl – download from Skillshare (original thread)

► Magazines

► Comics

► Private torrent trackers

Intro to private trackers

  • MyAnonamouse a.k.a. MAM – One of the 2 biggest private tracker for ebooks/audiobooks. The focus is on the fictional ebooks side unlike libgen though making requests can do the job. Also the best place for audiobooks in numbers though overall quality lacks a little. Similar to libgen, it’s also a great place to contribute
  • bibliotik – private tracker for ebooks/audiobooks

For a complete listing of popular ebook sites (some defunct), see:

How to download ebooks off IRC:

Issues with Calibre? Visit its forum for help/support:


Scene groups (such as CODEX, CPY, SKIDROW, etc) do not have official websites. If you find a site using the name of a scene group, they are impersonating them. Beware of these sites as they tend to package their releases with malware.

For PC games piracy news (crack releases, DRM news etc), visit /r/crackwatch

► DDL sites (direct download)

  • – Offers Scene game downloads
  • – Popular website for highly compressed game repacks — games can take several hours to install. Only recommended if you have very slow or data-capped internet.
  • Steam Underground – – Dedicated game piracy forum. Best parts are the discussion and the different types of tools especially the multiplayer ones. Game links aren’t always provided (especially for scene releases; they recommend some external sites in their FAQ) but when they are, they are on free file hosting services like zippyshare so that’s another plus. Also includes early access games.

► DDL sites (direct download) (Private)

  • – One of the best private DDL forums. Used to be public. Links are provided on free hosters

► Torrent sites

  • – Popular website for highly compressed game repacks — games can take several hours to install. Only recommended if you have very slow or data-capped internet.
  • – Game repack site
  • – Yes, they offer game torrents too.

► ROMs


  • Deezloader [app – FLAC/mp3] – Download songs from Deezer in 320kbps quality. You can convert your Spotify playlist to a Deezer playlist and download it via Deezloader as well.
  • Soulseek [FLAC/ALAC/mp3/m4a] – P2P network used for music. Unlike bittorrent, the protocol used here is direct P2P i.e. downloading and uploading is not done with multiple users simultaneously but with a single user (like downloading a file from a website). This provides more security than public trackers as there is no swarm for copyright trolls to stay in and monitor. Unlike other sources (except youtube), there is no quality control though the chances of encountering low quality files is still quite low. For people wanting to share their libraries, soulseek is the easiest and fastest way.
  • [FLAC/ALAC/m4a/mp3] – Russian tracker with an extensive music catalog.
  • (RED) [FLAC /mp3] – Best music private tracker. Read this to join. One of the harder trackers to maintain ratio on.
  • [FLAC/mp3] – 2nd best music private tracker, after RED. Much easier ratio economy compared to RED. In addition, there is a thread where you can request any torrent available on RED, without putting a request. This provides full access to RED without the hard economy. It is highly recommended to have accounts on both the trackers
  • Youtube-dl – command-line program to download video/audio from Youtube videos and other sites.
    • Youtube-dl-GUI – GUI for youtube-dl for those not proficient in using the command line.
  • Khinsider – Original game soundtracks.
  • Fildo (Android app) – music streaming and download.


► Android Torrent clients

  • Libretorrent – ad-free open source client. Similar UI to Flud.
  • Flud – Free ad-supported client. Supported on few private trackers too.
  • BiglyBT – no nonsense, ad-free, open-source client.

► APK (cracked apps and games) download sites

  • – Forum with largest catalogue of cracked apps and games. Also has a decent library of ebooks.
  • – contains untouched and signed release apks. Useful if searching for a prior version of an application.
  • – similar to
  • ACMarket – “cracked play store.” (apps/games)

► Android Apps

► iOS


Ordered alphabetically. Make sure your adblocker is on(avoid the pirate bay)

► General indexers

  • – General purpose indexer. Good for cams.
  • – Russian tracker and forum.
  • – Popular movies & TV tracker, though it offers other categories too. One of the most organized public tracker. Can search by IMDB tags (eg. tt0258038, appearing in IDMB URLs)
  • – Russian tracker. Great for software and music.
  • – Easy to use movie & TV indexer

► DHT crawlers

DHT torrent search engine. Great for searching for all publicly available torrents – beats searching all your usual sites for that one elusive torrent. Lists all DHT-tracked torrents:

For a more extensive list, see this post over at /r/torrents



  • C2R – Microsoft office download utility
  • KMS_VL_ALL – KMS activation utility (for both office and windows)
  • KMSAuto Net – KMS activation utility (for both office and windows)
  • HWIDGEN – Windows activation utility (recommended)
  • Windows Loader – Windows 7 activation utility

       Visit the wiki tools page here.


► Public trackers:

  • – Arguably the best public tracker for porn, mainly scene releases. A lot of single seeder torrents with low speeds but you’ll be able to download eventually.

► Private trackers:

  • (PL) – An always open private tracker and the best out there if going by the sheer amount of porn available here, from studio professional to amateur stuff.
  • (EMP) – Has much lower content overall compoared to PL but the biggest strengths are the request section and the amount of amateur content – both better than PL. Also has other pornographic content like magazines, games, books, comics etc. Can be joined by becoming power user on RED.


► Misc. apps:

► Misc. websites:

► Microsoft stuff:

Some DDL sites may only offer downloads through premium links, meaning the download will be available through a file host which would lock the download unless you paid a subscription to said file host. The prices can be a bit extravagant, especially when you consider that many DDL sites may use different file hosts, so it would not be feasible to pay for multiple of these subscriptions.

To get around this, you can try free premium leech generators or pay for a debrid service, such as real debrid, premiumize, all debrid, etc. which supports downloading from a large list of file hosts, torrents, etc. as an alternative. They essentially act as a middleman, meaning they download the file for you (an automated process), then you download from them. Services like these can be as cheap as 3 USD a month, which can be considered a good tradeoff given the large amount of file hosts they offer downloading from, compared to file host subscription each costing upwards of 10 USD a month.

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